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What is the
Pillow Plate?

The Pillow Plate are heat exchanger plates consisting of laser welded two stainless steel sheets. The external circuit of this device is welded in a complete laser way to create a pressure limit. The contour is welded on the edges of the Pillow Plate due to this process a tight part is created.

The “pillow” itself is pumped hydraulically, which guarantees the reliability and safety of the filling process. During inflation, a pressure is applied to the steel sheets, which allows for deformation of the material and the creation of a cavity for the use of a heat exchange medium. After this stage, the plates are formed into cylindrical elements and they are joined with each other, as well as welding of flanges and conical and pressed ends.

Application of the Pillow Plate

Laser-welded jackets are used to create different types of heat exchange elements, which may be used in industrial heating or cooling of various types of products, including food products, e.g. non-alcoholic beverages and alcohol (beer, wine) and milk. These jackets also work well in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and chemical industries, They are used to weld sheets of equal thickness, which are applied to make plates for heat exchangers, and also for welding sheets of various thicknesses, used in the production of reactors, tanks, etc.


The advantages of the Pillow Plate

Laser-welded Pillow Plate cooling and heating jackets feature extremely high efficiency due to the turbulent flow of the medium in the gaps. The use of a “pillow” results in low welding costs, which makes it an extremely economical solution. It allows you to use thinner materials and thus save on the cost of semi-finished products. Large heat exchange surface, as well as turbulent flow,  make that it is a much more effective method, than heating channels, even for low flow rates and volume.

Where can I order the Pillow Plate service?

Currently, the only company in Poland that provides the Pillow Plate services by laser welding is the company BTH Import Stal.



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